Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Formulated in April 2014, the dedicated Avyara cyber team has concentrated on the creation, the development and on being able to offer a unique Cyber capability within Qatar. After a thorough analysis of the cyber landscape in Qatar, Ayvara - with support from its Partner - opted to focus on addressing Qatar;s unique cyber challenges, especially Threat and Event Detection.

A dedicated Avyara Cyber Security team has developed and created a unique Cyber Capability Solution within Qatar.

Great effort has been placed on building our own unique capability and our own Intellectual Property (IP), which ultimately provides Avyara with a unique cyber-platform in Qatar.

Our in-house developed capabilities are:-

  • - Global Sensor Network.
  • - Threat Intelligence Database .

Threat Intelligence Database

Threat data collected by the Dark-Net Analytics Sensors within our Global Sensor Ring, enables collection of malicious items of interest (in the wild) of all underground threat data and open source data and enables the collection of this threat information into our own threat intelligence database. This database has been created, developed (during June to November 2014) and will enable the Avyara Cyber team to grow our cyber capability further.

The Avyara DNA Threat Database is updated 24/7 and Avyara will be in a position to offer this as a service to our future clients on a monthly or weekly (via Secure VPN) basis. Avyara add further value added into the analysis by adding to the database manual Threat Intelligence Analysis.

We believe this is now one of the world largest available fresh sampled databases. In addition to the physical database described above, Avyara has created its own Intelligence Database front end which gives full visibility and access into our threat database. Shown below is an example of the DNA Threat Database platform-front end which has been created, developed and is utilised by the Avyara Cyber team.

Cyber Security Strategy

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