About us

Who We Are


Avyara Information Systems (Avyara), a Qatari company, is a market orientated technology company

To assist customers in realizing their long term IT strategy and route to operational independence.


To be the unique Intelligence system provider focused on the Middle East.

Avyara system integration experiences delivers multiple accelerated solutions operating on different platforms in order to bring systems together so you can meet your emerging business needs.


Avyara system integration consulting lowers management costs and speeds services, allowing you to unleash your built-in systems potential and evaluate its positive impact on your business.


Great effort has been placed on building our own unique capability and our own Intellectual Property (IP), which provides the company with a unique cyber-platform.


Avyara is focused on Defense Technology, Systems Integration services, and Cyber Security.


Avyara’s global Threat Intelligence System is uniquely focused on the Middle East regional threats.


Avyara’s Threat Intelligence System consists of:
- Global Sensor Network
- Threat Intelligence Database and Dashboard

Delivery Foundations

  • - Establishment of a long term partnership with clients and delivery through a “one team” ethos.
  • - The emphasis on a rigorous stakeholders’ engagement process in order to capture the Cyber Operational & Business requirements.
  • - The timely delivery of Complete, Secure, Flexible, Scalable and High Quality technology solutions.

Our Core Values

  • - Integrity: Avyara’s ideology is based on integrity and genuine commitment and dedication. We aim at succeeding progressively in our endeavors while remaining devoted to our clients.
  • - Agility: Avyara offers new strategies combining business agility and ground-breaking solutions to deliver better business outcomes..
  • - Leadership: Our management skills and in-depth business understanding have defined our evolution. Avyara leadership expertise will guide you towards enhanced and detail-oriented decision making.
  • - Efficiency: Through profound business understanding, efficient planning and extensive market research, we aim at delivering greater productivity with reliable and cost-effective outcomes.
  • - Dynamic team: Combining dynamic, creative and tactful methods, our experts gather to complete the pioneered organizational structure of Avyara.